Challenge 32


abyss_valkyrie | crystalchain | haebin | magicrubbish
This time icon all the popular brands that you want, but their name or logo has to be visible.

★ You can make up to 5 icons
Icons are due Sunday, October 24th by 9pm (GMT+1) [Countdown]
★ You can use any stock pictures, that were not previously edited. Here you can find some resources
★ Post your icon and the icon url in a new post to the community (you can post alternate versions of the same icon in your entry, but they won't be considered in the voting post).
★ Tag you entry with your usename (user: xxx), and challenge number (!challenge: xx)
★ Your icons must conform to LJ standards (100x100, 100 KB)
★ Remember icons must be made by you, and exclusively for this challenge!
★ All effects are allowed (as long as it fits the current challenge's theme)
★ If you have any question, just ask!
Stock: Flower

Challenge 31: Voting

Thanks so much to everyone who entered!

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- vote for your Top Three in order, voting is weighted (3, 2, 1).
- choose 1 icon per special category

- do not vote for yourself or encourage others to vote you
- be objectiv/no bias
- use this form, filling it out in the comments

Voting ends Friday.